Countries of the World
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This page about the Countries of the World from A to Z will provide country facts for kids and share insights into the most important facts about the countries of our world.

Countries of the World

There are 193 countries or independent states in the world according to the United Nations (UN). These countries are all represented with equal rights in the General Assembly of the UN.

Then there are two countries Vatican City (Holy See) and Palestine that have observer status at the UN, but are not member states of the UN.

When you look at different sources, you will notice that the numbers of countries vary, as some regions claim independence but are not acknowledged as independent by other countries or governments.

countries of the world

On our country pages we will share fascinating and fun country facts including information on geography, people, animals, economy, food, attractions and so much more. Simply check our country listing from A to Z below.

Largest Countries 300

And then there are our facts about the world's 10 largest countries here.

Please note that we do not only list sovereign countries alphabetically here but include various dependencies as well as dependent islands and territories here. (Not all UN member states are listed yet, this is work in progress. If you can help expand our country guide, please contact us:-) 

Country Facts for Kids
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There are only the three UN member states that start with the letter 'F'



still to be published...


palau islandsPalau
paraguay asunciónParaguay
Portugal TramPortugal


For 'Q' there is only this one country.



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and some more countries with 'T' to follow :-)


Yes, only these three are  countries starting with 'Y'


There is no country starting with 'W' in English!

However, Wales in the UK will get their own page soon here too!


Yemen.... we still have to add...



we will add info soon...

Here are some interesting country superlatives which were choosen and researched by kids especially for kids.

Facts about Countries
Country Superlatives

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