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paraguay_flag_ioParaguay Flag
  • Population: about 7.5 million people live in Paraguay (2023)
  • Capital: Asunción with 3.5 million inhabitants
  • Name: República del Paraguay or Tetà Paraguáype
  • Government: Presidential Republic
  • Official Language: Spanish and Guarani
  • Literacy: More than 94% of the people can read and write.
  • Religion: mainly Christian (90%)
  • Currency: Guaraní (was divided into 100 centimos, but not in use anymore)
  • National Symbols: lion, the national colours are red, white and blue
  • Motto: "Peace and justice" (Paz y justicia)
  • National Holiday: 14 May (Flag Day)
  • National Anthem: "Paraguayans, The Republic or Death!"
  • History: Paraguay has been home to indigenous peoples long before the region was explored and settled by the Spanish. Paraguay gained independence from Spain in 1811 and was ruled by several dictators such as El Supremo from 1813 until 1840 or Alfredo Stroessner from 1954 until 1989. The current president is President: Mario Benítez.

Paraguay Geography

Where is Paraguay? Paraguay is a landlocked country on the South American continent bordering the North Atlantic Ocean. The country borders Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina.

Below you see a map of Paraguay with the three neighbouring countries Argentina - to the West, Bolivia - to the North and Brazil - in the East and South.

paraguay mapMap of Paraguay

The capital city is called Asunción and was founded in 1537. The city is named after Saint Mary of the Assumption, as the city was founded in August, when the Catholics celebrate Assumption Day.

paraguay asunciónPalacio de Lopez - Parliament building in Asuncion

Paraguay is slightly smaller in size than the state of California/ USA or Sweden or slightly larger than Zimbabwe.

Paraguay Geography

The Tropic of Capricorn crosses the northern parts of Paraguay.

The Iguazu and the Paraná river converge at the Triple Frontier which is the border of the three countries Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.

paraguay triple frontierTriple Frontier

The Gran Chaco is a hot semi-arid lowland plain that covers more than half of the country.

The dry Gran Chaco houses South America's largest forest - after the Amazon rainforest. Two thirds of the Gran Chaco, however, are located in neighbouring country Argentina.

The climate of Paraguay is semitropical.

Paraguay Geo Superlatives

Here are some fascinating facts about Paraguay:

  • The Paraguay river and the Paraná river are the two main rivers in the country. The Paraguay river is running over longer distance in Paraguay, although the Parana river in total is longer as it stretches over 4,880 km/ 3,030 miles long but also runs through Argentina and Brazil. 
  • The highest point in Paraguay is a hill named Cerro Tres Kandú with a hight of 842 m/ 2,762 ft. 
  • Lake Ypoá is the largest lake in Paraguay. It is located about 65 km/ 40 miles to the south of Asunción.
  • The Salto Suizo is Paraguay's highest waterfall with a width of 113 m / 371 ft and a hight of 226 m/ 741 ft. 
salto suizo paraguaySalto Suizo
  • The largest cities in Paraguay are Asuncion, Ciudad del Este and San Lorenzo.
  • Paraguay is located in the Southern Hemisphere and in the Western Hemisphere. 

Paraguay Facts | ParaguayLandmarks

paraguay jesuit ruinsJesuit Missions - a World Heritage Site
paraguay pantheonPantheon of Heroes in Asuncion
paraguay monday fallsMonday Falls
paraguay san jose beach Jan SchneckenhausSan José beach - image by Jan Schneckenhaus
lake ypacaraiLake Ypacarai
paraguay triple frontier signsTriple frontier

People in Paraguay

The vast majority of the Paraguayan people live in the eastern regions of the country and around the capital city Asuncion. 

About 60% of all people in Paraguay live in cities.

The biggest group in Paraguay are the Mestizo, a mix of European and American Indian ancestry. 

Brazilians are the largest group of immigrants in Paraguay. These immigrants mainly work in agriculture.

The official languages are Spanish and Guaraní, an indigenous language. About 90% of all Paraguayans speak Guaraní and about half of all people speak Spanish as well.

Lacework called ñandutí is a typical Paraguayan craft.

paraguay nanduti laceworkÑandutí lacework of Paraguay

Almost all Paraguayans are Christians (90%). Roman catholicism is practised by the majority of Paraguay's Christians. 

Soccer, tennis and basketball are the most popular sports in Paraguay.

Paraguay Facts
Paraguay Economy

Paraguay is one of the biggest exporters of energy in the world and one of the largest exporters of hydroelectric energy.

Itaipú dam which is located on the border to Brazil is one of the largest dam projects in the world.

Paraguay uses much less of the hydroelectric energy produced than it produces, thus the country sells most of its power to neighbouring countries especially Brazil.

paraguay itaipu damItaipu dam on the Parana river

Soy beans and soy bean products as well as wheat, corn and sugar are the main agricultural products. Paraguay is amongst the world’s largest soy bean producers. 

paraguay soybean plantationSoybean plantation in Paraguay

Paraguay's most important trading partners are Brazil, the USA, Argentina, Chile and China. 

Paraguay Facts
Typical Food in Paraguay

The Paraguayan cuisine is heavily influenced by the various cooking styles of the Guaraní people, Amerindians and European colonists. The typical dishes in Paraguay contain cassava, corn, vegetables as well as meats and fish. 

sopa paraguayaSopa Paraguaya

Typical Paraguayan food and drinks include:

  • Sopa Paraguaya: traditional cornbread eaten for breakfast or as snack
  • Chipa: this is the typical bun or cake made of cassava flour, eggs and cheese. The chipa paraguaya is the Paraguayan type of bagel.
paraguay food chipaParaguayan chipa and the typical cocido drink
  • Mbejú: the thick and flat panfried corn pancakes are a staple food in Paraguay
  • Tereré: The national drink is made with yerba mate, a herbal tea made with the leaves and branches of a South American holly plant
  • Dulce de leche: caramelised milk dessert

Empanadas and tortillas, though smaller in Paraguay than those from Mexico, are also staple dishes as in other Latin American countries.

Animals in Paraguay

The national animal of Paraguay is the Pampas fox or Pampas zorro

paraguay pampas foxPampas fox

The Pampas fox, also called Azara's fox is a slender built fox with pointy ears and a long snout. The species lives in western Paraguay and also in neighbouring countries Argentina, Bolivia and some parts of Brazil. The omnivore lives in the Pampa mainly in rock caves or even in other animals' 'stolen' burrows. The main enemies are the puma - and humans.

Other fascinating wildlife are armadillos, tapirs, jaguars and anteaters.

Among the birds, the macaws and parrots are the most colourful. The tarantula spider is common in Paraguay too.

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