Facts about Uganda

30 Facts about Uganda

Uganda flag

Here are some interesting facts about Uganda which were chosen and researched especially for kids for kids.

1. Uganda is located on the African continent. The country is landlocked and situated to the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Map of UgandaMap of Uganda

2. Uganda borders five countries: Kenya, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Tanzania. The longest border is shared with the DRC.

3. Uganda is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa with a population of 45 million. It is also one of the fastest growing countries in Africa.

4. Uganda has the world’s youngest population! The median age in Uganda is 15.7 years. 

Uganda school kids - image by Adam Jan Figel/shutterstockUganda school kids - image by Adam Jan Figel

5. The capital city of Uganda is Kampala. With about 3.3 million inhabitants, Kampala is also the country's largest city. 

6. Kampala’s nickname is 'City of Seven Hills'. The name Kampala originates from the local Bugandan name ‘K’empala’ that refers to the Hill of the Impala’, a name given to the colonial settlement by the British.

Kampala - the capital city of Uganda

7. Uganda is an independent republic since 1963. Since 1986 Uganda is ruled by Yoweri Museveni, who is one of the world’s longest standing presidents. On 14 January 2021 elections took place in Uganda, with popular Ugandan musician Bobi Wine challenging the re-election of Museveni.

8. The national holiday of Uganda, Independence Day (from the UK) is celebrated on 9 October.

Facts about Uganda | Geography

9. Uganda is a fertile land with volcanic soil and many lakes and rivers. The country is mostly located on a plateau and there are high mountains in the eastern and western regions of the country. 

10. Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Uganda. The lake in southern Uganda is shared with Kenya and Tanzania. Lake Victoria is the largest tropical lake in the world and the second largest freshwater lake in the world!

Lake Victoria in UgandaLake Victoria

11. Uganda is located in the Nile basin. The longest river that is only flowing though Uganda is called Katonga River.

12. The highest peak of Uganda is Margherita Peak of Mount Stanley in the Ruwenzori Mountains with 5,109 m/ 16,762 ft. Mount Stanley, also called Mount Ngaliema, is the third highest mountain in Africa - after Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya.

13. The Murchison Waterfalls on the Victoria Nile are among the largest waterfalls in Africa by water volume. They are up to 43 m/ 141 ft in height.

Murchison Falls in UgandaMurchison Falls in Uganda

14. Uganda is slightly smaller than the state of Oregon/USA in land area or slightly smaller than the United Kingdom.

Facts about Uganda | People

15. The official languages of Uganda are English and Swahili, while Luganda, also referred to as Ganda, is spoken widely. Until 2005, English was the only official language in Uganda!

16. Three major ethnic groups in Uganda are the Baganda, Banyankole and Basoga People. 

17. As one of the poorest countries in the world, most people live from farming or work in the agricultural sector. About 70% of the land is used for agriculture. 

Uganda Marketstall - image by Vlad Karavaev/shutterstock.comMarket in Uganda - image by Vlad Karavaev

18. Most Ugandans live in the central and southern parts of the country mainly along Lake Victoria and Lake Albert. Only 25% of the people live in urban areas. Uganda’s north and north-east regions are the least developed.

19. Many Ugandans also live abroad, mainly in the USA and the UK. Thus Uganda is one of the African countries sending the most remittances back to their home country.

20. The population of Uganda is growing and the country still records one of the highest fertility rates, which means that on average, women give birth to more than five children! (5.8 children)

Students in school - image by Adam Jan Figel/shutterstockStudents in school - image by Adam Jan Figel

21. Over 80% of the Ugandans are Christians, with about 45% Protestants and 39% Catholics. About 14% of the population are Muslims.

Facts about Uganda | Wildlife

22. Uganda has ten national parks and is known for its pristine forest landscape. Renowned parks and attractions include the Ruwenzori mountains, the Great Rift Valley as well as Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which is popular for its Mountain Gorilla population.

Mountain Gorilla with baby in Uganda forestMountain gorillas

23. Uganda has a varied wildlife. There are giraffes, elephants, antelopes, buffalos as well as hippopotamuses and crocodiles that are found in most lakes and rivers. 

24. The grey crowned crane is the national animal of Uganda. 

Grey crowned cranes

25. The country is also known as a paradise for bird-watching. More than one thousand bird species were recorded in Uganda. The African jacana and orange weaver bird are among the most common birds.

Facts about Uganda | Economy

26. The country is sadly ranked as one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world, however, the economy is growing due to the large amount of natural resources. 

27. Crude oil, natural gas and gold as well as coffee, tea and flowers are among the main export goods.

Tea plantation in UgandaTea plantation in Uganda

28. The main trading partners of Uganda are Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, UAE, China and India.

Facts about Uganda | Sports

29. Uganda is very strong in athletics. In 2019 the Ugandan Halimah Nakaayi won the 800 m race in the World Championships. Joshua Cheptegei is one of the world’s strongest long distance runners.

30. The Ugandan national basketball team is nicknamed "The Silverbacks" while the national football team is nicknamed "The Cranes".

Facts about Uganda | Resources

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Image Credits on Facts about Uganda: photo stock from shutterstock and wikicommons, if not otherwise stated.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Uganda Facts. Please bookmark this page and spread the word. We will add more information in the near future.

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