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25 Samoa Facts for Kids

Here are some interesting facts about Samoa which were chosen and researched especially for kids.

Flag of SamoaFlag of Samoa

1. This country is located in the Pacific Ocean South of the equator. Samoa is located in Oceania.

2. Samoa belongs to the Polynesian islands. The group of islands lie halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. 

Samoa map of the two main islands: Upolu and SavaiiThe two main islands of Samoa

3. Samoa consists of two main islands called Savaìi and Upolu and several smaller islands and islets.

4. The largest island of Samoa is Savaìi and the most populated island is Upolu. These islands are of volcanic origin. 

Map of Samoa and Oceania regionSamoa in the South Pacific Ocean

5. About sixty percent of the country is forested. 

6. The highest peak is Mount Silisili, also called Mauga Silisili with a height of 1,858 m/ 6096 ft.

7. There are many waterfalls and waterholes on the islands. To Sua is a 30 m/98 ft-deep waterhole is one of the most popular attractions in Upolu.

To Sua WaterholeTo Sua Waterhole

8. Samoa gained independence from New Zealand in 1962. The country was referred to as Western Samoa until 1997.

9. The capital city is called Apia and is home to about 38,000 people.

Facts about Samoa | People 

10. About 207,000 people live on the Samoan islands.  About three quarters of all Samoans live on Upolu. 

Samoan school children image by corners74/shutterstockSamoan school children - image by Corners74/shutterstock.com

11. The official languages of Samoa are Samoan and English. "Talofa" means "hello" and "tofa" means "goodbye".

12. About 98% of all Samoans are Christians, mainly Protestants.

Samoa's Immaculate Conception Cathedral in ApiaSamoa's Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Apia

13. Over 99% of the population over 15 years can read and write, however, many young people are without work. About one third of all Samoans between the ages of 15 and 24 years are unemployed. 

Samoa sunset on beachSamoa sunset at the beach

14. The national symbol is the Southern Cross Constellation easily visible in the clear night sky.

southern cross constellation

The Southern Cross is a constellation with five stars. The Samoan national colors are red, white and blue. 

15. Elections in Samoa are held every five years, the next elections will take place in April 2026. Current prime minister is The Honourable Afioga Fiamē Naomi Mataʻafa, the first woman to serve as the Head of the Samoan government.

Samoan fire dancer - image by Corners74Samoan fire dancer

16. Fire dances are popular not only with tourists in Samoa. Samoan traditional dances are siva and sasa

17. The most popular sports in Samoa a rugby, cricket, netball and volleyball. 

Facts about Samoa | Geography

18. Samoa skipped a day in 2011 across the International Date Line. Since then, Samoa is one of the first countries to welcome the New Year - together with Kiribati and Tonga. The move was done to improve ties with business partners Australia and New Zealand to the West, that before, were a day ahead.

19. Samoa is known for its many magical waterfalls and pools such as the scenic Togitogiga Waterfalls. 

Togitogiga WaterfallsTogitogiga Waterfalls on Upolu

20. The two main islands are volcanic. There are still active volcanoes on Savaìi island. There you can also see old lava fields and blowholes.

Blowholes on Savaii island/SamoaBlowholes on Savaii island

Facts about Samoa | Animals

21. In Samoa, you can swim with turtles and watch dolphins frolicking in clear lagoon waters. Savaìi island is known for its huge colony of green sea turtles.

green sea turtle in blue waterGreen sea turtle

Coral reefs surround the islands and these are home to some 900 fish species and over 200 varieties of coral.

Coral reef on Upolu/SamoaCoral reef on Upolu/Samoa

Samoa Facts | Economy

22. The currency of Samoa is called Samoan tālā. One tālā is divided into 100 sene.

samoa money 20 talaSamoan banknotes showing the national bird and national flower.

The 20 tālā banknote shows the national bird, the manumea, which is also called a tooth-billed pigeon, and the red cone ginger flower, the national flowers.

23. The main agricultural products are fish and coconuts. 

24. The main trading partners are Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and China. 

Facts about Samoa | Food

25. The most popular dishes are panipopu and palusami. Both dishes include coconut milk and taro leaves. 

Samoan palusamiPalusami - taro leaves cooked in coconut milk

Most Samoan dishes include coconuts, fruits such as mango, pineapple or star fruit, root vegetables, chicken or fish.

Breadfruits are commonly cooked over fire on hot stones. They are staple food with rice and taro leaves.Breadfruits are commonly cooked over fire on hot stones. They are staple food with rice and taro leaves.

Facts about Samoa | Resources

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Image Credits on Facts about Samoa: photo stock from shutterstock and wikicommons, if not otherwise stated.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Facts about Samoa. Please bookmark this page and spread the word. We will add more information in the near future.

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